The following is an excerpt from my journal. thank you for giving me a platform to share into the ocean of the internet my ideas that felt illegal for so long.

- julia

what does identity mean? what does it mean to identify with something? i’m struck by the permanence and impermanence of identity. how the fluidity of what i feel makes me, me constantly changes, constantly reinvents itself.

tautology is the quality of something being redundant.

is it redundant to have to explain my identity? to define and re-define it , to produce it and re-produce it, to craft it and re-craft it daily. it feel this way sometimes. that my identity is a fragile, breakable thing that isn’t sure of itself entirely.

my identity is a pebble in the sea. the harsh edges are eventually worn down and down until i become smooth, until i distill the essence of my mental language into a visceral, palpable, descriptor. until i can narrow it down to one word that has enough multiplicity within it.

“a living thing is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplicity of the changes at any moment taking place in it.”

there is multiplicity within my identity. there is multiplicity within me. i am alive.